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Talking Gender-Neutral (Clothing!)

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The concept of gender-neutral clothing for children is an attention-getter these days, even if the act of getting attention is kinda the opposite intention of the whole thing.

Put simply, gender-neutral, in relation to apparel meant for babies and toddlers is simply the act of moving away from colors (blue for boys, pink for girls,) designs and logos that can be perceived as gender-specific. For instance, if you’re dressing your baby boy in a onesie that says “Mommy’s new man” or your baby girl in a pink dress, you are choosing gendered clothing for your little one.

Know what’s funny? Until about a hundred years ago, little boys were put in pink dresses and wore their hair long. Current gender norms are a pretty recent development, actually. Trends are funny that way. 

Anyway, let’s be clear here: Dressing your babies in gendered clothes isn’t wrong. Dressing your babies in gender-neutral clothing isn’t either. It’s just a choice you’re making for them until they can choose themselves, and a choice they make once they can, if you let them. It’s just a continued decision that gives them more freedom to express themselves however they feel.

Here are some advantages to choosing gender-neutral clothing for your little one.

Freedom of Expression:

Rather than choosing clothing based on cultural norms, or choosing against it for the same reason, i.e. “I can’t wear that, it’s for girls!”, you’re moving personal preference into the realm of liking or disliking an article of clothing based entirely upon its relation to their likes and dislikes. Clothing that’s designed for anyone is all about possibilities.

Breaking Stereotypes

Inclusivity and equality are ideals that should be taught from a young age, and gender-neutral clothing does just that. By breaking free of potential stereotypes, clothing choice isn’t limited to gender, and encourages a more open-minded and accepting society. We’re all just people, after all. Nobody’s better than anyone else.

Creativity and Imagination

When clothing choice loses one of its most potentially limiting factors, option and choice increases. Children are more free to mix and match however they please, choosing from whichever style they feel most like rocking in the moment. Kids are more inspired to play with fashion experimentation and gain skills in personal self-expression. 

Inclusivity and Acceptance

Gender-neutral clothing can help create a more inclusive environment where children, already beginning to form social hierarchies, will feel respected and seen based upon their own merits rather than how they look. Nothin’ wrong with that!

All that said, don’t overthink it. Gender-neutral clothing for children is just another way to inspire their imaginations. And Twibbles gender-neutral clothing does that one better by telling stories and encouraging your child to be as fun and unique as you know they are!

By promoting inclusivity, acceptance, and freedom of expression, we can create a more inclusive and diverse society for all children.

Speaking of gender-free activities, here’s a game that inspires open-mindedness and creativity.

The Mystery Box Game

  • What you’ll need: a box (like an empty tissue box, or a bag, as long as it’s not see-through) and various small objects or toys from around the house. 
  • Sit in a circle.
  • Let your kids know that the box contains mystery objects and that you’ll take turns reaching in without looking and then describing the object
  • Encourage your kids to use their imaginations and get creative with their descriptions. Talk about the shape, texture, size or any other characteristics you can think of. 
  • After describing the object, pass the box to the next person and keep going!
  • Keep passing as long as it’s fun!

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