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About Us

Twibbles is not just about fashion; it’s a movement empowering kids and parents alike.

We’re all about the magic of childhood.

Welcome to Twibbles, where imagination meets fashion! Founded by a passionate Colombian children’s book illustrator, Maria Motta, our brand was born out of the realization that the availability of gender-neutral clothing options for kids was limited.

Fueled by the journey of motherhood, Twibbles aims to break stereotypes and foster creativity through our unique designs. At Twibbles, we take pride in offering gender-neutral clothing that not only looks great but also encourages kids to explore their imaginations.

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Each design and creative material included with our designs serves as a catalyst for igniting creativity and sparking curiosity in young minds.

All our collections and products are carefully thought and crafted to provide children with endless opportunities to explore, discover, and create, and to parents, the tools to understand what are positive ways participate in our kids’ creative development.

Join us on this exciting journey as we empower kids to express themselves freely and embrace their individuality in style!

At our heart, we champion eco-conscious fashion, offering sustainable kid’s apparel. Each piece is hand made and meticulously crafted from natural fibers and hypoallergenic materials, not just for style, but to cultivate a world where kids can freely explore.

As a Latina-owned business, we’re deeply committed to our community, directly empowering women in Colombia through substantial involvement in our production processes, ensuring fair wages, and supporting a safe workplace in our sewing facilities.