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Colors, Patterns, Your Kids and You!

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Twibbles Blog! A place for kids with parents in mind

You’re here because you love to watch your children learn and grow. And you know that they don’t just hit those milestones from books and TV. They get much of their growth from the world around them. From the wind in their hair to the clothes that they wear.

And, when you come right down to it, children’s wear is more than just clothing. Twibbles children’s apparel is just as much about growth and development as it is about warmth and comfort. Colors, patterns and images dance across our clothing with one goal in mind: To inspire strong, growing minds.

Here are 4 ways colors and patterns help children explore their world

Emotional development

Colors have a strong impact on emotional growth. Bright and flashy orange means excitement and adventure. Cool and soothing blue brings feelings of contentment and safety. The whole color wheel is filled with ways for children to learn to regulate their emotions and see the world in new ways.

Creativity and Self-Expression

The sight of different colors, how they work together, and how patterns form new pictures gives children ways to explore their own forms of personal expression. You might see them creating new, inspired pieces of art, or even designing their own clothes! As their minds grow, you’ll be amazed at how much information your kids soak in and make their own.

Visual Discrimination

As they’re exposed to new colors and patterns, children learn to visually tell them apart   and form new ideas. By learning to discriminate between objects, textures and colors, kids are (secretly) prepping their minds for numbers, letters and other future visual cues. 

Cognitive Development

This is the big one! When children are exposed to patterns and colors, their minds are stimulated and they’re growing before your eyes. Recognizing patterns and colors requires the use of memory, attention, and problem-solving skills, which are essential for a child’s learning and development.

By learning about colors, patterns, textures and designs, children are also learning about their world and their place in it. 

So let’s have some fun with it, and play an easy game!

The Colors Scavenger Hunt!

Choose a few colors from your Twibbles product, a t- shirt, a onesie, a book, anything, if you don’t have one yet find one from around the house, or outside, and ask your child to find objects that match them. Start with colors like red, blue and yellow and then ask your child to collect items that match these colors and collect them in a box or basket.

This activity is fun and engaging, and also a great shared activity for you to do together. 

And, looping back around, that’s what this blog is all about! Learning through creativity. Growing positively. Kids amazing you, and themselves, with new skills and abilities.

To name a few of the topics we’ll be covering here:

  • Cool afternoon activities and crafts
  • Healthy snack recipes for kids and adults to make together
  • Great museums and bookstores in your area
  • Trending stories
  • Activity pages you can print and have fun with together
  • Our favorite Instagram accounts and articles
  • Cool content from all over the web
  • And Twibbles plans for the future

We’ll be posting weekly, and hope you can come back soon!

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