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Caribe Puzzle


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Twibbles and the Toucan Troupe

Squawk and soar with Twibbles as he make friends to a flock of colorful toucans! With their vibrant beaks and cheerful chirps,
Twibbles and his feathered friends play games, tell stories, and embark on high-flying adventures through the jungle canopy.
Join the toucan troupe for a flight of fancy with Twibbles!

With Twibbles’ Puzzle Adventures, your little explorers can join them on eight exciting escapades.
Each puzzle features vibrant, fun illustrations, made in wood panels (MDF) perfect for small hands to grasp and manipulate.
With options for both 12 and 24 pieces, these puzzles grow with your child’s skills, providing hours of fun times and cognitive development.

All puzzles are 11 x 15 in aprox