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Rio Amazonas Onesie

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Nobody’s happier than a pink river dolphin. See them swim with their friends. See them jump out of the water with a happy grin and a wave of their flippers.

Our onesies are warm, soft, cute as a button and uniquely styled to express your little one’s growing personality. Each Twibbles pattern is conceived in hand-painted watercolor with the goal of building a world, a story, an imaginary wonderland there to be explored. 

This long-sleeved onesies  are pre-washed and 100% hypoallergenic cotton. They can be worn by baby boys and baby girls sizes 3 months to 12 months.

Size Width Length Sleeve
3/6 Months 8.5 in - 21.5 cms 15 in - 38 cms 8 in - 21 cms
6/9 Months 9 in - 22.5 cms 16 in - 40.5 cms 9 in - 22.5 cms
9/12 Months 10 in - 25.5 cms 18 in - 48 cms 10 in - 25.5 cms

* These are general guidelines, and individual children may vary.

** Our joggers are designed to provide a relaxed fit however note that our sizes run larger for that extra level of cozy freedom.