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Busy Parrot T-Shirt

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A blur of green and red soars over your head, with a noisy little “squawk!” A flock of parrots soars through the blue sky in search of a yummy cracker. Careful! Your ice cream looks yummy too!

Our t-shirts are ready for anything your toddler can send their way.  Versatility is key here, and our shirts can be worn in a myriad of ways.

This T-shirts are pre-washed and 100% hypoallergenic cotton.

*Our model is wearing a size 6T T-shirt and he is 3.7 ft tall.

Size Width Length
2t 16.5 in - 42 cms 10 in - 26.5 cms
4t 11.5 in - 29 cms 18.5 in - 49 cms
6t 12.5 - 31.5 cms 20.5 in - 52 cms

* These are general guidelines, and individual children may vary.

** Our joggers are designed to provide a relaxed fit however note that our sizes run larger for that extra level of cozy freedom.